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What We Do - Higher Performance and Lower Cost

CWR’s performance-based products and solutions for stormwater, wastewater, telecom and utility infrastructure are designed to improve service life, water efficiency and return on investment (ROI), while also reducing risk, lifecycle cost, CO2 footprint and energy usage. 


High-performance products for building and renewing concrete and underground infrastructure are the first step to improving a system’s performance and efficiency.  More efficient systems and structures leads to lower operating and capital costs for municipalities, utilities and corporations.

CWR Products

CWR Products brings innovative and higher-performance, lower life-cycle cost products to the wastewater, storm water, drainage construction and renewal markets.  

  • Duracoat®

  • The Lifespan System®

CWR Solutions

CWR Solutions delivers new approaches and turn-key solutions that provide utility, telecom and municipal entities with the lowest-risk and most cost-effective method of building new concrete infrastructure (rom bridges to utility vaults to sewer collection systems) and renewing existing sewer collection systems.   

  • 2X Green ("green" high performance concrete)

  • The Vault Program (advisory services for underground utility structures)

  • The Capital Program (perfomance contracting for sewer collection systems)

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