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Low Lifecycle Cost Products and Solutions

CWR’s performance-based products and solutions are designed to improve service life, water efficiency and return on investment (ROI) while reducing risk, lifecycle cost, CO2 footprint and energy usage. 


Our products and solutions are intended to be sold through (or in partnership with) leading local and national companies that currently service asset owners.  




CWR Products


CWR Products brings innovative and higher-performance, lower life-cycle cost products to the wastewater, storm water, drainage construction and renewal markets.  CWR provides two leading-edge proprietary products in this area





CWR Solutions


CWR Solutions delivers new approaches and turn-key solutions that provide utility, telecom and municipal entities with the lowest-risk and most cost-effective method of building new concrete infrastructure and renewing existing  underground infrastructure assets, from bridges to utility vaults to sewer collection systems. 

  • 2X Green is an application-specific "green" high performance concrete (green HPC) that provides verified carbon carbon and lifecycle cost reductions  

  • The Vault Program is an innovative approach for building, renewing and managing networks of underground utility structures

  • The Capital Program is an innovative perfomance-contracting solution for renewing sewer collection systems


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