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Driving innovation in underground infrastructure

CWR’s performance-based products and solutions are designed to improve service life, water efficiency and return on investment (ROI) while reducing risk, lifecycle cost, CO2 footprint and energy usage. 


CWR was formed to help find solutions to the significant Clean Water and infrastructure challenges that face all communities and their respective constituents — municipalities, local and regional authorities, rate/taxpayers, environmentalists, elected officials and private developers.  


CWR is focused on designing and commercializing products and solutions that help infrastructure owners save money, energy and CO2.  Our products and solutions are intended to be sold through (or in partnership with) companies that currently service the asset owners.  


We currently have several products and solutions in various stages of commercialization.


  • CWR Products brings innovative and higher-performance, lower life-cycle cost products to the wastewater, storm water, drainage construction and renewal markets.  CWR provides two leading-edge proprietary products in this area (Duracoat® and The Lifespan System®) that help owners improve the quality and durability of their assets, improve system performance and reduce energy usage and reduce CSOs and SSOs.


  • CWR Solutions delivers new approaches and turn-key solutions (2X Green, the Vault Program and the Capital Program) that provide utility, telecom and municipal entities with the lowest-risk and most cost-effective method of building new concrete infrastructure and renewing existing  underground infrastructure assets, from bridges to utility vaults to sewer collection systems.   


David B. Sinclair
President, co-Founder

David is the Founder and President of IM2 Merchandising & Manufacturing, Inc. and the original designer of The Lifespan System. David has spent the last 7 years securing CWR’s municipal products domain expertise, product patents and rights to proprietary construction materials. Previous work experience includes Lafarge, Lehman Brothers, and Private Venture Capital. Awarded multiple patents for civil infrastructure and developed $100 million plus civil infrastructure project for City of Chicago. 


David is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal.

Paul K. Keblish
CFO, co-Founder

Paul has over 20 years of financial services experience in investment banking, consulting and securities operations. Through approximately 15 years in investment banking, Paul completed over 50 equity, debt and M&A transactions across a variety of industries for a combined value of more than $15 billion. He has also participated in several venture investments and industrial buyouts as both principal and advisor, including C/G Electrodes LLC and Seadrift Coke LP. He has been a Managing Director in Investment Banking at Bear Stearns and Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC.


Paul has a BA in Economics from Duke University and an MBA (with Distinction) in Finance and International Business from NYU.

John D. Redfern
Chairman, Advisory Board

Since joining the then Canada Cement Company as a technical sales engineer in 1958, John Redfern has held positions of increasing responsibility and played a key role in making Lafarge the largest diversified construction materials company in North America and a global leader in the cement industry. 


Mr. Redfern has also played an important role in Lafarge's commitment to supporting the environment as well as community endeavors throughout the country. He has been actively involved with organizations such as the Natural Resources Canada and the Queen’s University Centre for Water and the Environment (CWE).


Mr. Redfern has held of variety of senior executive positions within Lafarge, including: Member of Special Committee of Lafarge NA directors to review the proposed tender offer announced by Lafarge SA (February 2006); Vice Chairman of the Board of the Lafarge NA; Chairman of the Board of the Lafarge NA; Director of Lafarge NA; President and CEO of the Lafarge NA; Chairman of the Board of Lafarge Canada; CEO of Lafarge Canada; and President of Lafarge Canada from 1983—1985.


Mr. Redfern is a member of various organizations, including: The Order of Canada; CIPEC Executive Board Member, Natural Resources Canada; Board of Directors, Queen’s University Centre for Water and the Environment (CWE); Board of Governors, Carleton University.


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